Posted: February 11, 2020

Improving our tune-up appointments to avoid cancellations

Every year, we’re forced to cancel tune-up appointments in the fall because cold weather compels us to reassign our technicians to no-heat calls. We don’t like cancelled appointments any more than you do.

So this year, we made a huge effort to shift things around. We opened up three times as many tune-up spots in spring and fall, and started calling and emailing customers to get their tune-ups done earlier. The result? We increased tune ups by 27% and decreased cancellations by 47% in September, October and November.

We know it’s impossible to avoid cancellations altogether because there’s no way to predict exactly when cold snaps will happen. But we want to keep making progress. Please schedule your tune ups in this spring and summer; they won’t wear off by fall, and you’re much less likely to have your appointment interrupted.

Please keep a clear path to your fuel tank and clear your driveway after a snowfall to avoid any delivery delays. Thank you!