Is a tankless water heater right for you?

img-fluidWhy should you pay to heat the same water twice?

That’s the question that designers of the first tankless water heaters asked themselves back in the 1930s, and the same question that today’s sophisticated and super-efficient propane tankless water heater models answer with a defiant, “heck no, we’re not doing that!”

Instead, a tankless water heater skips storing hot water altogether, opting instead to heat water instantly whenever you turn on your tap or hot water appliance. By operating this way, a tankless system enjoys some important advantages over a storage-type water heater, including:

Should you ever choose a storage-type water heater?

As you can see, the advantages of a tankless water heater are clear and substantial. So why choose a storage-type water heater?

Mostly, it comes down to the upfront purchase price, which can be twice as high as a conventional storage water heater or more. Of course in the long run, the energy savings and equipment longevity could very well offset or even exceed that initial outlay.

Another consideration is maintenance: a tankless system should be professionally serviced every year, while a storage-type system could be a bit more forgiving if you skip your tune-up.

With all of this in mind, here are some rules of thumb for choosing between a storage or tankless water heater:

A tankless water heater can be a great option – as long as it’s the right choice for your Hudson Valley home, and as long as it is sized and installed by professionals like the ones you will always find at Bottini Fuels. Contact us today to talk with our water heater experts!