Is it time to replace my furnace or boiler?

To repair or replace.

It’s a choice that most homeowners will one day have to make about their heating system, whether they have a forced-air furnace or a hydronic or steam boiler.

Sometimes the choice is easy – especially if your heating system is older or declining in performance year after year. But more often than not the decision lives in a gray area that requires a careful consideration of pros and cons.

How will you know whether to repair or replace your heating system? Here are some questions to help you decide.

If you’re not sure the time is right to invest in a new furnace or boiler, contact us and we’ll talk more about it. If a heating equipment upgrade makes sense, we can give you a FREE, no obligation estimate. If it turns out that you only need routine annual maintenance for your heating system (which you should schedule now, if you haven’t already!), we can help you there, too.

Contact Bottini today for a FREE estimate on a new furnace or boiler for your home – or to get annual service to keep your current heating system running at its best!