It’s All about Community

Community heart

As this week’s tragic events unfold in southern Texas, we once again are reminded how quickly disaster can strike.

But we are also reminded how incredibly important community can be in rising to the challenges that face it.

As a family owned business, we are active in our community every day, both by serving our customers and by giving back to our neighbors when we can. We see how we can change lives by the way we live and work – or even the way we greet people at the door for a service visit. We learn, through the incredible people we encounter, what it really means to be resilient – and what it truly means to serve.

This week, we extend our community across state borders to our Texas neighbors, even as we continue to stand with people who face challenges nearer to home.

Wherever we are, may we all have the strength to come together in times of need.

Rick Bottini