Posted: June 2, 2020

Keep a closer eye on your tank now

Many of our customers have changed their fuel consumption patterns because of the virus. Maybe your college kids are now at home, and you’re using a lot more hot water for showers; Or, you might be cooking more with propane, or using your pool heater earlier. You might be working from home, and leaving the heat higher. Or, maybe you’ve moved to a vacation home.

If your patterns have changed, it may throw our delivery projections off. Likewise, we have no way of predicting when some of our drivers might be out due to illness. So please, see the following:

  1. If you are on automatic delivery there, please contact us please call us if you see your tank reaches 3/8 full (oil) or 20% (propane).
  2. If you call for deliveries, please be much more cautious about the amount of notice you give us for your delivery. If you run out, we will have to prime and start your unit (oil) or do a gas check (propane.) Both would involve extra charges. Call us if you get to the levels cited above.

Please visit our Facebook page to read inspiring stories of how we have been supporting our community in this time of crisis. You can also learn what prompted one customer to return to us and how we allayed another customer’s fears that we would not be able to help when her boiler broke down during the lockdown.