Heating Oil, Propane, Kerosene and Winter Fuel Delivery in Red Hook, NY

Bottini Fuel takes care of you like the neighbor you are!

When it comes to dependable fuel delivery and expert equipment service for Red Hook homes, you can’t beat Bottini Fuel! We stand tall above the competition with our Guaranteed Fair Pricing and 24-hour emergency fuel delivery and service, as well as the personalized attention we give you, with delivery options such as Automatic Delivery, payment options such as EZ Pay and Auto Pay, and pricing programs such as Fixed Price and Prebuy. We have an office right here in town, making it easy for you to manage your home’s fuel and equipment needs.

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Our services

Heating oil

We make it stress-free to get the heating oil you need for keeping your home warm and comfortable. You won’t have to lift a finger if you choose Automatic Delivery and wireless tank monitoring.


Bottini Fuel is the propane delivery company for you if you use versatile, clean-burning propane for home heating, water heating, cooking and more. We’re known for our dependable propane supply, but that’s just the start. Our Automatic Delivery and wireless propane tank monitoring services make it quick and easy for you to get your propane.

fuel delivery in red hook ny

Kerosene and winter blend fuel

Kerosene is a fantastic heating fuel for many of our customers, who know that they can rely on us to deliver both kerosene and winter blend fuel when they need it. Kerosene can be safely kept in the outdoor tanks frequently used for manufactured homes and remote cabins, since it has a lower gelling temperature than heating oil. We also provide a winter blend of half heating oil and half kerosene for those who use heating oil but would like extra protection against the risk of gelling.

Equipment services

When it comes to having your home heating, cooling and comfort equipment installed or maintained, you need someone you can trust. Bottini Fuel is that HVAC company for Red Hook. All of our service experts are certified, trained, experienced and drug-tested.

Red Hook is a fan of Bottini Fuel!

“Bottini has been our oil provider since we moved into this area 23 years ago. During that time, we have had occasions where we had to call for emergency service and Bottini had a pleasantly surprisingly quick response time. We have carried an annual service contract and everything that needed to be repaired has been covered by this contract. Bottini has proven to me that they are a reputable company that is determined to provide outstanding customer service, oil delivery and knowledgeable technical support. I have highly recommended Bottini to friends and family, and I would recommend them to anyone reading this review.” – Ma R.

“We had another home heating oil supplier for several years and were put off by their large-company mentality. Our calls were treated in a most dismissive fashion and their prices rose at large increments. We canvassed the neighborhood about who our neighbors were using. Incredibly satisfied reports came back about Bottini, so we decided to investigate. Our initial contact with the company was met with enthusiasm, pricing information was readily given, and the service contract for our burner was extremely reasonable. We switched and signed a contract that day. Our burner was cleaned and serviced as soon as our contract became effective, and oil deliveries have been done at regular intervals. We are happy we switched and resigned again this year. Good service and fair pricing have made us loyal customers.” – Jimmy Z.

Red Hook: Small town charm and much more!

The village’s name has Dutch roots. It was originally Roode Hoeck. “Roode” means red, a nod to the brilliant reds of the autumn leaves in the Hudson Valley. “Hoeck” means peninsula, referring to Cruger Island, which is in fact attached to the mainland.

The area is very popular in the fall, thanks to the foliage that caught the eye of the early Dutch explorers and settlers, as well as opportunities to go to nearby farm stands and farmers markets, antique stores, wineries and more.

You can count on Bottini Fuel for the best fuel delivery and equipment service in Red Hook! Become a customer today.