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When it comes to fuel delivery and comfort equipment services, including HVAC, for homes in Saugerties, Bottini Fuel is the leader! We’ve been serving the area for more than 70 years. Bottini customers appreciate our Guaranteed Fair Pricing and 24-hour emergency fuel delivery and service. We offer personalized attention, including delivery options like Automatic Delivery, payment options like EZ Pay and Auto Pay, and pricing programs like Fixed Price and Prebuy. Having an office right here in Saugerties makes helping customers like you even easier.

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Our services

Heating oil

Getting the heating oil you need to keep your home warm and comfortable is a headache-free process with us. When you choose options like Automatic Delivery and wireless tank monitoring, you won’t have to do anything to get your heating oil!


Bottini Fuel is the propane delivery service for you if you use clean-burning propane for home heating, water heating, cooking and more in Saugerties. We provide dependable propane delivery, but that’s only the beginning. Getting your propane delivered is simple and worry-free with our Automatic Delivery and wireless propane tank monitoring options.

fuel delivery in saugerties ny

Kerosene and winter blend fuel

Kerosene is a popular heating fuel for many of our customers, who know that they can count on us for consistent delivery of both kerosene and winter blend gasoline. Kerosene can be stored safely in the outdoor tanks that are frequently used for manufactured homes and remote cabins, since it has a lower gelling temperature than heating oil. We also provide a winter mix of half heating oil and half kerosene for those who use heating oil but desire additional protection against the cold.

Equipment services

When you need your home heating, cooling or comfort equipment maintained, repaired or installed, you want someone you can rely on. Bottini Fuel is the one to call. We ensure that all of our service professionals are certified, trained, experienced and drug-tested. Our affordable service plans help you keep your equipment in peak condition.

Your Saugerties neighbors have praise for Bottini Fuel

“After the ice storm of February 2022 was finally over and the power finally came on after four days, we discovered that our oil-fired furnace was blowing cold air. You can imagine our disappointment. My husband and I frantically looked for a button to reset or some way to start the furnace, but to no avail. We called Bottini and within an hour, at about 8 at night, Chris the Bottini angel came and reset our oil burner and we finally got heat. Thank you, Bottini, so much for being there for us.” – Margarita M.

“Besides being totally professional, Bottini (John) went the extra distance when we required an emergency delivery on the coldest day of the year. Through a misunderstanding, our propane tank ran dry. Bottini was not regularly scheduled to have trucks in our area that day but rose to the occasion and provided fuel a few hours later. Bottini also saved us money in that the delivery person serviced (relit) the burner in less than five, saving us the expense of an extra service call. Thanks, Bottini!” – Richard N.

All about Saugerties

What is now Saugerties was settled in the mid-17th century by Europeans who later bought the land from the Epous Sachem tribe. The English arrived early in the 18th century to stores (products derived from pine resin such as soap, paint, varnish and lubricants) for the British Navy.

During the American Revolution, a British squadron anchored here in 1777. For five days, raiding parties burned homes, barns, estates and boats. When the fleet learned of the British surrender at Saratoga, they fled and never came back.

Its location on the Hudson made Saugerties a prime area for mills, factories and icehouses.

The famous 1960s group the Band lived in Saugerties in the house known as Big Pink (because of its pink siding) and with Bob Dylan recorded his classic album The Basement Tapes at the house.

Saugerties was home to the 1994 Woodstock festival.

Notable natives and residents of Saugerties include:

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