Propane and Heating Oil Delivery and Service in Tannersville, NY

You can’t beat Bottini Fuel for prompt, personal service!

For reliable fuel delivery and equipment service for Tannersville homes, Bottini Fuel stands head and shoulders above the competition with our Guaranteed Fair Pricing and 24-hour emergency fuel delivery and service, as well as personalized service with delivery options such as Automatic Delivery, payment options such as EZ Pay and Auto Pay, and pricing programs such as Fixed Price and Prebuy. We have a local office, making it simple to handle your home’s fuel and equipment needs.

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Our services

Heating oil

We make it simple and stress-free to obtain the heating oil you need to keep your house warm and comfortable. When you opt for Automatic Delivery and wireless tank monitoring, you won’t have to do a thing!


If you use versatile, clean-burning propane for home heating, water heating, cooking and more, Bottini Fuel is the propane delivery company for you. We’re well known for providing dependable propane delivery service, but that’s just the beginning. Our Automatic Delivery and wireless propane tank monitoring services make getting your propane work-free and worry-free.

fuel delivery in tannersville ny

Kerosene and winter blend fuel

Kerosene is a great heating fuel for many of our clients, who know that they can rely on us to deliver kerosene and winter blend fuel when they need it. Kerosene can be safely stored in the outdoor tanks that are frequently used for manufactured homes and remote cabins, since it has a lower gelling temperature than heating oil. If you use heating oil but want additional protection against the chance of gelling, we’ll deliver a winter blend made up of half heating oil and half kerosene.

Equipment services

When it comes to having your house heating, cooling or comfort equipment installed or maintained, you can trust Bottini Fuel. Our experienced service technicians are all certified, trained and drug-tested.

Your Tannersville neighbors love Bottini Fuel!

“I’ve used Bottini for 10 years now, and their service is prompt, they’re always quick to answer the phones and will send a delivery your way immediately if you’re running low. Had to call Bottini today for an emergency fill of my propane tanks. Both were nearly empty. I want to thank Bottini for their service out of hours for keeping me and my family warm.” – Steve B.

“I do not remember the names of the two installers who installed my new propane tank and ran a new gas line to my new gas stove in our new kitchen. But they were professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. I am so glad that I have changed my propane provider to Bottini Fuel, and I will be using Bottini for my heating as well. Thank you for your professionalism.” – Eli D.

Tannersville: Catskill charmer

Life in Tannersville, which is situated in the northern Catskills, offers an abundance of outdoor activities such as biking, skiing (both downhill and cross-country), canoeing, hiking, kayaking, road races, swimming, fishing and more.

Tannersville calls itself the Painted Village in the Sky thanks to the many brightly painted homes and businesses here.

There’s a thriving arts scene, with galleries, shops and music venues, including the Orpheum Film & Performing Arts Center.

Notable residents and natives of Tannersville include:

Want the best fuel delivery and equipment service in Tannersville and its surrounding communities in the Hudson Valley? Become a Bottini Fuel customer today!