Posted: March 29, 2022

Long-term customer contest winners

Ten of our long-time customers were chosen winners, and each one received up to 150 gallons of oil at 70-cents per gallon. Here are snapshots of four of our winners.

Mrs. S of Wappingers Falls has been a loyal Bottini Fuel customer since 1968. We had previously supplied fuel at her parents’ home before that!

“When we moved to New York, Bottini became our supplier of home heating fuel,” she said. “They have provided reliable deliveries and service of our oil burner for all those years. Bottini worked out a payment plan to keep the home warm. I will never forget their help all those years ago. To this day, the customer service is wonderful. Thank you Bottini!”

Mr. R of Rhinebeck said he has been with us since the days of Morgan Fuel, where his father-in-law was a salesman. “My granddaughter, Erin, now works for Bottini Fuel,” he said. “I opened an account with Morgan in 1954 for my home in Hyde Park and when I built my house in Rhinebeck, I opened an account for that in 1976.”

Mr. and Mrs. S. have been Bottini customers since 1972 when they purchased their home.

“Bottini has been our fuel company since we owned our home,” they told us.” Service has been consistently reliable. Thank you for always being there when needed and may your next 70 years be even better.”

Mary Lou S. has been a loyal Bottini customer since 1969! Our driver, Keith M. was honored to provide her with a delivery of heating oil at 70-cents per gallon.