Bottini Guarantee

Our heating oil & propane prices consistently remain below the statewide average.

When you’re a Bottini Fuel customer, you never have to look at your delivery ticket and wonder, “Am I getting a fair price?”

The answer is yes, every time! Our prices consistently remain below the statewide average.* That’s why we can promise you Guaranteed Fair Pricing. We are the only heating fuel company in the Hudson Valley who makes this guarantee! At Bottini Fuel, we’re transparent about our pricing.

It’s important to point out that prices collected for the statewide averages include those offered by discount delivery companies. These are the dealers that offer no credit terms, repair service, pricing or payment programs or supply guarantees. If you took the discounters out of the mix, our price looks even better.

We think our customers deserve dependability, convenience, safety and personal service—all at Guaranteed Fair Pricing. Hopefully, as a Bottini Fuel customer, you feel that’s exactly what you get from us.

Remember, we’ve got you covered!

*Average rates based on survey data collected by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

Interested in propane?

Propane rates vary based on annual consumption and whether you own or lease your tank. Please call your local Bottini Fuel office for information. Our Guaranteed Fair Pricing promise ensures you will get a competitive rate for your propane too.