Why Propane Equipment Repairs Are NOT a DIY Job

Holding the hammer wrong

YouTube videos are great – we especially love watching some of those crazy dog and cat antics. But the videos we don’t like to see are the ones that give the impression that anyone with a little mechanical aptitude can fix a home appliance – especially fuel-burning heating equipment.

DIY home repair on a furnace, water heater or boiler can result in costly or even dangerous consequences for you and your family, since today’s high-tech propane- and heating oil-fired equipment presents unique challenges that only highly trained professionals are equipped to handle. Attempting to fix or modify a modern propane appliance can “severely damage the inner workings of the appliance or cause…property damage, fire or bodily injury,” according to propane101.com – and that assessment doesn’t even take into account carbon monoxide risks associated with poorly executed DIY.

Is saving a few bucks worth all that risk?

At Bottini, we take your safety and well-being very seriously, so we’ll say this as plainly as we can: if you need to service or repair your heating equipment, DO NOT attempt to do it yourself – instead, contact us for expert service . Our technicians have the experience, training, and equipment to assess and fix your problem quickly and correctly so you’ll never have to worry about the problem again.

For expert heating equipment repairs, trust the pros at Bottini. Contact us today to learn more about professional propane equipment service and repairs for the heating system in your Hudson Valley home!