Is Propane Good For The Environment?

propane Columbia county, ny With all the news about climate change and everything and everyone seemingly going “green” you may be wondering about your own carbon footprint. It is more than likely that you use appliances and technology that require power or fuel on a daily basis. A lot of those appliances probably release some sort of gas into the air and our environment. That may have you questioning what kind of effect these appliances and technology are having on the environment.

If you are a propane user, we have good news – propane is actually good for the environment.

Propane Basics

For those that do not know, propane is considered a very versatile, efficient and cost effective fuel. It is produced during natural gas processing and petroleum refining.

Propane can be used inside a home in numerous different ways, including:

It can be used outside as well for:

The Benefits of Propane

Many people choose to use propane throughout their home because of the long list of benefits the gas offers. Propane is a preferred gas because:

Additionally, propane is good for the environment.

Propane: An Environmentally Friendly Fuel

Considering how much propane can be used for thanks to its versatility, it is a huge plus that the gas is also good for the environment. In fact, it is considered a clean, greener alternative to electricity. Here’s why:

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