Propane Safety Tips

Propane is one of the most safe, effective and efficient fuels for your home – but like any energy source, care is required to operate propane appliances safely.

Here are three important safety reminders for your propane-powered home:

  1. Know what a propane leak smells like, and how to respond to one –  A propane leak smells like rotten eggs (propane itself is odorless, but manufacturers add the smell to make leak detection easy).

    Teach your family to recognize the smell. If you smell a leak,

    • Do not any equipment that could cause a spark (lights, appliances, telephones, cell phones, etc.). A spark can cause a fire or an explosion.
    • Leave the house immediately and call 911 from a safe distance away.
    • As you leave the house, do not touch any electrical outlets or light switches.
  2. Install detection equipment – Strongly consider installing propane leak and carbon monoxide detectors, which are great fail-safes in the event of a leak or build-up; they are inexpensive and available at most hardware stores.
  3. Maintain your propane appliances – Have your propane system  serviced regularlyA maintenance technician can spot a small issue before it becomes a more serious problem. If you think your propane appliance may be damaged, get it repaired immediately!

You can find more propane safety tips here.

Your family’s safety is always our number one concern! Contact us today to learn more about propane safety in your home or business.