Propane Use In The Summer: What’s Normal?

summer propane use hudson valley

When most people think of using propane at home, they think of heating season and their furnace or boiler. But propane is a year-round fuel: if you are a new propane homeowner – or plan to become one soon – you may be surprised at how much of it you use in the “offseason” months.

If you get a propane bill that’s higher than expected this summer, you may even think you have a propane leak somewhere in your system. While that’s certainly possible (and something you should definitely check to rule out), most of the time you will have simply underestimated your propane usage.

Propane use averages for appliances

Consider these per-hour propane use averages for common household appliances:

As you can see, the gallons can add up quickly: if you’re not careful, you could run out of propane at some point. But there’s an easy way to avoid that: install a propane tank monitor.

Propane tank monitors = peace of mind

Propane use in the summer is typically more variable day-to-day than in the winter months, since you use summer propane appliances less regularly than, say, a heating system. If you don’t want to keep an eye on your propane fuel gauge all summer, we have an easy solution for you: install a propane tank monitor from Bottini Fuel.

A propane tank monitor mounts to your tank and keeps track of how much propane is in your tank at all times. That information is relayed to our delivery teams (and to you, via a smart phone app) so everyone knows when you need a propane delivery.

Installing a propane tank monitor takes just a few minutes and costs just pennies a day – contact us today to learn more about it. And remember: for the most reliable commercial and residential propane delivery in the Hudson Valley, Bottini’s Got You Covered!