Propane vs. Electric Water Heaters

water heaters, propane or electric? hudson valley area

Most people think of propane as barbecue fuel. But the truth is the propane is actually one of the most versatile, efficient and powerful sources of home energy around.

In fact, propane can power just about any home comfort appliance that runs on electricity – including your water heater – and usually do a better job of it, too.

Consider these benefits of propane water heaters vs. electric water heaters:

Great for more than water heating

Of course, water heating numbers tell only part of the propane performance story. Propane is also a Btu monster for home heating, with propane-fired furnaces, boilers, and space heaters trouncing their electric heat pump counterparts without sacrificing operating efficiency.

Propane benefits don’t stop at energy savings, either: propane clothes dryers produce less static than electric counterparts, propane cooktops give you precision temperature control that no electric powered cooktop can match, and a propane fireplace can add a stylish element to your family’s favorite gathering spot – inside or outside your home – that you could never replicate with an electric model.

Using electric water heaters and other home comfort appliances just doesn’t add up – switch to propane power today! Contact us today to learn more about propane appliance installations in the Hudson Valley.