Propane: A Cleaner, Greener Alternative to Electricity

Propane Has Its Benefits

alternative energy new yorkThese days it seems everything is electric—you can get an electric car, electric bike, and there are lots of advocates for the electrification of homes and towns. However, propane has a lot to offer that electricity doesn’t. Let’s explore some of the reasons it’s a better alternative.

Propane Is Greener

For an example of how propane beats electricity, consider two homes—one that’s heated with electricity and another one that uses propane for heating. The propane home will produce up to 30% less in carbon emissions. Now let’s compare an electric home to one that uses propane for heating as well as for water heating, cooking, clothes drying, and space heating. That propane house will generate up to 50% less in carbon emissions than an all-electric house.

Propane Appliances Are More Efficient

Propane appliances are more efficient than their electric counterparts. That efficiency means a smaller carbon footprint and a smaller energy bill for you. Let’s take a look at some numbers:

Propane Is Cleaner

There’s another thing to consider when you compare propane and electricity. Propane is non-toxic. In the rare event of a leak, propane won’t harm the environment. And although electricity gets a lot of praise for being a “clean” energy source, most of the electricity produced in the US comes from coal-burning power plants. In fact, electricity is America’s second-largest source of greenhouse gases. Only transportation ranks higher.

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