Propane Pricing and Payment Options

Manage your propane costs your way with Bottini Fuel

Bottini Fuel has been serving homes like yours in the Hudson Valley for more than 70 years. We’ve gotten to know our customers over the years, and we do all we can to make life easier for you.

That effort includes helping you control your propane costs in ways that best meet your needs and budget. Look over the plans below to see which ones will work well for you!

Pricing options

Variable Price: Also commonly known as market price, our Variable Price plan is the epitome of flexibility. Experience the freedom of a variable price that reflects current propane market rates. Seize the opportunity to capitalize on decreasing prices, enjoying the benefits without the additional costs of a price cap. Rest assured, while you enjoy these advantages, we’re here to navigate the complexities of rising market rates together.

Downside Protection: This plan, often called a price cap, acts as a safeguard against unpredictable hikes in your propane costs, effectively putting a ceiling on how much your price per gallon can rise without preventing it from dropping. This approach ensures that your expenses won’t spiral uncontrollably, while still allowing for potential savings if the market rates fall. Opting for this program involves a modest fee. It’s a carefully thought-out strategy aimed at shielding you from sudden fuel price surges, letting you benefit from lower prices when possible. Please note that any gallons not used by the end of the term do not carry over.

To view our automatic delivery terms & conditions, click here.

Payment options

EZ Pay: EZ Pay, our monthly payment program, offers you the convenience of spreading out your propane costs over 12 even monthly payments. This ensures that your heating expenses remain manageable and predictable. With a fixed payment each month, you can effectively reduce your winter fuel payments by nearly half. Enrollment is free of charge.

Thousands of Bottini Fuel customers are already reaping the rewards of our program, which only bills you for the propane you consume, with no extra per-gallon fees. There are also no finance charges. Should your actual propane costs differ slightly from our initial estimates, we will make adjustments accordingly throughout the winter. For customers with a service plan, we enhance the convenience by allowing the inclusion of that plan’s cost into the EZ Pay system.

Auto Pay: Every year, more customers opt for our Auto Pay program, favoring automatic transactions over traditional check payments for services or fuel deliveries. The simplicity and convenience of the Auto Pay program have earned it widespread acclaim.

With Auto Pay, you retain full control of your account while saving time and eliminating the worry of late payments.

Option 1: Authorize your bank to pay us directly through electronic funds transfer (EFT):
Option 2: Authorize automatic payments through your credit card or debit card.

Guaranteed Fair Pricing

As a valued Bottini Fuel customer, you know that fairness in pricing is a cornerstone of our service. With each propane delivery, you’re not just receiving fuel; you’re benefiting from our unwavering commitment to fair pricing, transparent practices and exceptional service.

We’re here to provide not only the best value but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your propane needs are in capable hands.

Trust in Bottini Fuel means trust in:

Our propane prices consistently stay beneath the statewide average,* allowing us to offer you Guaranteed Fair Pricing. We stand alone as the sole propane company in the Hudson Valley to make this commitment.

At Bottini Fuel, we hold a strong belief in providing you with unparalleled reliability, effortless convenience, supreme safety and tailored service, all underpinned by our Guaranteed Fair Pricing promise. Our commitment goes beyond simply meeting your expectations; we aim to surpass them. We want all our valued customers to experience the reliability and security we provide.

*Average rates based on survey data collected by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

Do you want to learn more about Bottini Fuel’s pricing and payment options for propane? Get in touch with us today!