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Propane Delivery in Red Hook, NY, and Nearby Towns

Bottini Fuel gives you propane service you know will be there for you!

If you’re looking for a propane delivery company you can count on, put the experience of Bottini Fuel’s more than 70 years of experience to work for your Red Hook home! Being a family business, Bottini Fuel’s dependable propane delivery, as well as skilled equipment maintenance and friendly customer service, goes above and beyond what our competitors offer.

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Propane services for Red Hook homes

Propane Delivery Red Hook

Propane delivery — Our Automatic Delivery service provides propane for your home without any work on your part, ensuring that your home will always be warm, safe and comfortable.

Wireless propane tank monitoring — Ensure you always have enough propane by using our wireless tank monitoring service. This technology continuously tracks the propane levels in your tank and alerts us when you need a refill. This way, we can deliver propane to you before you run low.

Payment options — You get to choose the plan that suits you best. With our Variable Price plan, you can pay according to the market price on the day of delivery. This could result in potential savings if the pricing goes down. If you prefer a more secure option, we offer Downside Protection. This option sets a cap on your maximum price per gallon, but still allows you to save if the prices are lower.

Pricing plans — Bottini Fuel offers an EZ Pay plan that allows you to spread your propane costs into 12 even, easy monthly installments. This makes it easier to manage your expenses since you won’t have to worry about big propane bills during the holidays or tax season. Plus, you’ll know the amount you’re paying in advance each month, making it easier to plan and control your household spending. Auto Pay is a service that will deduct your monthly payment from your checking account, debit card or credit card. This ensures that your payment is always made on time.

Equipment installation and service — Bottini Fuel provides reliable installation, maintenance and repair services for your home’s heating, cooling and comfort systems. Our service technicians are certified, trained, experienced and drug tested, and are committed to upholding our high standards for quality courteous service. Our affordable service plans help you maintain your home’s furnace, boiler, air conditioning and water heater at peak performance and efficiency. Additionally, these plans provide protection against costly repair bills.

Bottini Fuel is well loved in Red Hook!

“We are so happy we changed to Bottini for our propane delivery. We’ve been with them for over a year and have had great service, competitive pricing and a great experience overall. Highly recommend them! ” — Domenica M.

“We hired Bottini Fuel to convert our fuel system from oil to propane in our home. We worked with Sales Director Don on our proposal, and he was very attentive to our needs, timeline and budget. His team Cecil and Jason were the best! They left our home clean and warm, and the pipework execution was flawless. What more can you ask for in a local service provider? We recommend Bottini Fuel for any fuel delivery type or new boiler system installation. ” — Stephon T.

Propane delivery and service FAQs

Q. When should I order propane?
A. We recommend that our Will-Call customers place a propane order in advance of the tank gauge reaching 30%. Alternatively, you can enroll in Automatic Delivery to eliminate the need for monitoring your propane levels and scheduling deliveries. With Automatic Delivery, propane will be delivered when you need it to prevent any issues from running out of propane. Wireless propane tank monitoring provides absolute security about your propane supply.

Q. Are propane appliances energy efficient?
A. Propane appliances can save a lot of energy and money because they are very efficient and waste very little energy during combustion. The most recent propane heating systems are incredibly efficient, with some achieving up to 98% efficiency. This means that just two cents out of every dollar spent on propane is lost during combustion. Propane-powered water heaters are also better at providing hot water quickly and consistently. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, making the switch from electric models to propane can save you about $174 on energy costs every year.

With Bottini Fuel, you can be assured that we’ll provide responsive, personal service for all your home’s propane needs! Become a customer today.