What Happens If You Run Out of Heating Oil?

The Cold Reality

heating oil Picture this: It’s a bitterly cold day in Sullivan County, NY, and you wake up to a chilly house. You check the thermostat, but it stubbornly refuses to budge. Panic sets in. Could it be? Have you run out of heating oil? Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you. But if it does, let’s break down what happens and how to navigate this frosty predicament.

Responding To A Heating Oil Runout

1. Confirm Your Oil Tank Status

Before you hit the panic button, verify that you really are out of heating oil. Head down to your trusty fuel oil tank. Most tanks come equipped with a float-style gauge. Look for the red disk inside the plastic vial. If it’s above the 1/8 mark, you might still have some oil left. Unscrew the vial and gently press the red disc down. If it rises back up, congratulations! You’ve got oil in the tank. If not, proceed to the next step.

2. Order Heating Oil ASAP

Time to act swiftly. It’s time to order heating oil. Contact Bottini Fuel immediately and let us know you need an emergency delivery of heating oil.

3. A Dash of Diesel

While you wait for your oil delivery, don’t shiver in silence. Add 5 or 10 gallons of diesel fuel to your tank. It won’t be as cozy as heating oil, but it’ll keep the chill at bay until the cavalry arrives.

4. Restart Your Burner

Now, let’s rekindle that flame. Hit the reset button on your fuel oil burner – but not more than 2 or 3 times. If it doesn’t cooperate, it’s time to call in the HVAC pros at Bottini Fuel. They’ll troubleshoot any other issues that might be lurking.

Running out of heating oil won’t necessarily spell doom for your furnace, but it can cause some major hiccups. Filters, oil pumps, and oil lines might grumble. If your furnace stays off for too long, you might need to bleed the oil line and replace the filter before it purrs back to life. However, that’s the best-case scenario. In the worst-case scenario, debris can clog your oil filters. That can reduce the efficiency of your heating system or even cause it to fail. So by keeping enough oil in your tank, you can avoid some very costly problems as well as a no-heat emergency.

Remember, being without heat during the cold months isn’t just inconvenient; it’s downright risky. So, keep an eye on that oil gauge, order promptly, and stay warm! Better yet, sign up for Bottini’s automatic heating oil delivery, and eliminate the chance you’ll run out of heating oil.

Count on Bottini Fuel for Your Heating Oil Delivery

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