Seven propane uses in and around your Hudson Valley home

If you only use propane to power your furnace, boiler, or barbecue grill, you’re not taking full advantage of propane’s amazing performance and versatility.

Just about any electric-powered appliance has a propane-powered equivalent – one that usually outperforms it in just about any way you can measure. Best of all, you can fuel all of these appliance discretely from a single aboveground or underground propane storage tank.

Consider these propane possibilities for your Hudson Valley home:

  1. Water heatersPropane tankless water heaters can save you 30 percent or more on your monthly bill while giving you an unlimited supply of hot water. They also last nearly twice as long as a storage water heater and can be wall hung in a closet or crawl space.
  2. Whole house generators – Severe weather has become the norm here in the Northeastern U.S. – and with that weather comes inconvenient or even dangerous power outages. A whole house propane generator can protect your family, your home, and your valuables during severe weather.
  3. Outdoor living – A propane pool heater, built-in cooking grill or fire pit can quickly turn your backyard into your family’s favorite entertainment spot.
  4. Space heaters – Great for supplemental heating in hard-to-warm rooms, propane space heaters are available in many sizes and styles – including direct-vent wall mount heaters, cast iron stoves and patio heaters.
  5. Cooking ranges –  A propane stove, cooktop, or range gives you unmatched precision when it comes to controlling cooking temperature – a big deal when you’re trying to cook like a pro!
  6. Clothes dryers – Propane dryers run hotter and more efficiently than electric models – and because they generate less static, they cause less wear on fabrics.
  7. Fireplaces and hearths – Propane fireplaces offer home hearth comfort with no messy set-up or cleanup – all while operating more efficiently and producing more heat than their wood-burning counterparts.

Propane appliances – the more you have, the better you’ll feel at home! Just make sure you keep them up and running all year long with reliable propane delivery from Bottini . Contact us to learn more , or to join our family of customers!