Using Propane In Severe Weather: 5 Tips

propane storm safety new yorkWinter weather has already arrived here in the Hudson Valley and Catskills region.

And more is to come. Bitter cold, snowstorms and ice storms can create some serious hazards. If you use propane, you need to know how to practice propane safety to protect your home and your family.

Propane Safety During A Storm

  1. Keep an eye on your propane tank gauge. If there’s a cold snap or a winter storm in the forecast and you’re low on propane, contact Bottini Fuel right away to schedule a propane delivery so you have enough to get through the bad weather. This may be a good time to look into our wireless propane tank monitors.
  2. Protect your home from carbon monoxide. You should have carbon monoxide detectors on every level of your home, and one outside all bedrooms. Test them and replace the batteries. Replace any that are more than five years old. We also urge you to install propane leak detectors that protect against odor loss in the unlikely event of a propane leak. And NEVER use your propane range or oven for indoor heating.
  3. Prepare your generator. If you have a propane whole house backup generator, it should have enough propane to last at least a week if there’s a power outage. If it doesn’t, schedule a delivery from Bottini Fuel right away. You should also run it for about 20 minutes once a month to make sure it’s running properly and that moving parts stay lubricated.
  4. Keep outdoor propane appliances outdoors. If you’re using a portable propane generator, NEVER use it indoors or in a covered area like a garage, three-season porch or carport. That goes for all outdoor propane appliances, including propane BBQ grills. Propane cylinders also need to be stored outdoors and not in garages, sunporches or carports.
  5. Know what to do during and after a storm. Keep flues, chimneys and vents clear of snow, ice and debris to prevent a buildup of carbon monoxide. Use a broom to clear snow off your aboveground propane tank, tank regulators, vents, tubes, valves and piping. Don’t use a shovel, as it can damage the tank or its parts.

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