Posted: January 21, 2019

Six Ways to Prevent Heating Oil Gelling

Outdoor heating oil tank

Having an outdoor heating oil tank in a climate like ours can be problematic, as you may have experienced in recent years here in the Hudson Valley.

Mostly, that’s because when heating oil drops below a certain temperature, it “gels” – that is, it freezes into a thick, viscous sludge (oil doesn’t reach a solid state when it freezes, the way water does).

Gelling can affect multiple components of your oil-fired heating system, including your:

How to keep your heating oil from gelling

There are several ways to prevent heating oil gelling – here are six of them. Just remember: NEVER tamper with your heating oil equipment or fuel! Leave any adjustments of your system to qualified heating maintenance and repair technicians.

  1. Use treated oil — Heating oil additives are designed to fight freezing and the sludge. Contact us to learn more about heating oil additives.
  2. Using blended heating oils — A mix of diesel and kerosene will lower the gel point of the heating oil.
  3. Cover your heating oil tank — Build a shed around your heating oil tank to insulate it against the elements.
  4. Bury your fuel line — If you have an aboveground heating oil line, consider burying it. The ground will naturally insulate the lines.
  5. Install a wider fuel line — A wider fuel line can minimize gel blockages.
  6. Get professional heating service every yearPreventative maintenance is the key to staying on top of gelling and other winter problems. If you haven’t had your annual preventative maintenance for your heating system – it’s not too late – but do it soon, before winter really hits.

For professional service and reliable heating oil deliveries in our Hudson Valley Service Area, trust the pros at Bottini. Contact us today to learn more, or to become a Bottini Customer.