Spring: A great time to schedule heating system maintenance

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With spring just weeks away, most of you are probably itching to get those windows open and leave winter behind.

But we have a suggestion before you officially put heating season 2018-2019 in your rearview mirror: have your heating system professionally serviced.

We see it every year: Customers call us for heating service during fall – the peak time for heating system maintenance – when we often can’t accommodate them because we’re just too busy (it’s not just us – this happens with all reputable heating contractors in our Hudson Valley service area).

Much of the reason why this happens is because many customers think they need to wait until fall to get a tune-up – as if the work would “wear off” in during the spring and summer months. That may have been true with equipment 30 years ago or more, but it’s no longer the case with today’s high-tech, high-efficiency heating gear.

Why not avoid these problems altogether by scheduling your routine heating maintenance in the spring – especially if you’re already planning to have your air conditioning system serviced?

An annual tune-up – including in our value-added propane or heating oil Service Plans – will allow our heating equipment experts to:

Whether you choose heating maintenance, cooling maintenance, or both, our seasoned pros will get the job done quickly and correctly so you can simply enjoy the comforts of your Hudson Valley home.

Avoid the fall rush – get your heating system service out of the way in the spring! Contact Bottini Fuel to schedule a heating (or cooling) service visit today.