Put Water Heater Maintenance on Your Spring Chore List

An important thing to do this season

water heater service new yorkYour water heater is one of the unsung heroes of your home. It works hard all year long, but it works especially hard during the winter months. Because of how hard it works and how much you and your family rely on it to provide warm water for washing hands, dishes, clothes, bathing, etc., it’s an appliance you don’t want to take for granted. Springtime is a good time to check on your water heater and address any issues.

Why now?

Winter and the freezing temperatures that come with it can take a big toll on your water heater and the connected plumbing system. Especially as your water heater gets older, regular maintenance becomes increasingly important. Your water heater should receive yearly maintenance. Given that it follows the season your water heater works the hardest, spring is the best time to catch any potential problems and address them before another harsh winter rolls around.

What’s involved?

Your technician will check your water heater for early warning signs of problems. They’ll look for leaks, examine the heating mechanism, ensure that the pipe fittings are secure, and check to see that everything is functioning as it should. A maintenance visit also includes some basic upkeep. For example, (if you have a water heater with a tank) your technician will flush the tank to remove any sediment that’s built up on the bottom. They may also replace the anode rod, which keeps your tank rust-free.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to annual water heater maintenance. Here are a few:

Our Comfort Care Service Plan

Bottini Fuel offers a Comfort Care service plan for water heaters. Oil customers can sign up for the value or standard plan. Propane customers can sign up for the value plan. Each plan includes an annual equipment inspection and a 15% to 100% discount on covered parts, repairs, and service fees. You’ll also enjoy priority service. Below is a summary of each plan. Click here for more details.

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