Summer’s Coming – Is Your Home Cooling System Ready?

Summer beach tide

Summer is now officially only weeks away here in the Hudson Valley – we’ve had a taste of it already, but soon it will be time to close the windows and doors and get the A/C going full-time, full-blast in what is expected to be a “blazing” few months here in the Northeast.

The problem with putting that kind of pressure on your home cooling system is that it may not be up to the task – especially if it’s an older system that has been through the ringer in recent years fending off some of the record-breaking heat we’ve all been experiencing.

If that’s the case for your cooling equipment, an upgrade to a new high-efficiency central air conditioner, ductless air conditioning system or heat pump could be a worthwhile investment – one that will cut your cooling costs in half, eliminate the expense and annoyance of breakdowns, and keep your family comfortable no matter how high the mercury soars.

Our cooling experts can evaluate your needs and help you choose a cooling system that’s the right size and configuration for your home, then install it quickly and neatly so you don’t miss a beat in the heat.

If you’re not ready for an A/C upgrade, then schedule your annual maintenance now, before the heavy-duty summer weather hits – not later, when your equipment is laboring to keep the heat at bay. In the meantime, you can try testing your thermostat and freeing your outdoor condenser unit of debris, if you haven’t already.

Ready for an air conditioning upgrade or annual A/C maintenance? Cool! Contact Bottini today for a FREE, no-obligation estimate on a new cooling system or to sign up for a high-value Bottini Air Conditioning Value Plan, which includes a tune-up, repair discounts, and more!