Posted: October 5, 2020

Tank Monitors: A Better Way To Manage Your Fuel Supply

Tank monitors new york

Automatic delivery is a great way to take the worry of managing your heating oil and propane supply, since it can help you prevent costly and inconvenient fuel run-outs.

But as you might already know, your automatic delivery schedule is determined by computer estimates based on a combination of your past usage and the current weather (measured in “degree days”). As savvy as our computer models are, they can’t account for big changes in your day-to-day lifestyle that might affect how much fuel use.

How Fuel Use Can Change

What kind of changes would impact your fuel use? Here are a few examples:

If you’re an automatic delivery customer and have made any of these life changes since last heating season, please let us know – or better yet, install an oil or propane tank monitor and take away the guesswork altogether.

Tank monitors: Sure-fire peace of mind

If you want to skip the risk of estimated delivery times altogether, there’s an easy and low-cost way to do it: let Bottini Fuel install a fuel tank monitor for you.

Available for heating oil or propane tanks, a monitor mounts to your tank and keeps track of how much oil or propane you have at all times. That information is relayed to our delivery teams (and to you, via a smart phone app) so everyone knows exactly when you need a propane delivery or heating oil delivery.

Installing a propane tank monitor takes just a few minutes and costs just pennies a day – contact us today to learn more about it. And remember: for the most reliable propane delivery in the Hudson Valley, Bottini’s Got You Covered!