Thank you for your support

For 60 years, our company operated without a blemish on its reputation. That changed in November.

The simple fact is that we mishandled unclaimed funds that were left in customer accounts. After a period of years, they should have been forwarded to the state, and we did not do that.
We were wrong. And we have paid a price for it.

We aren’t running from this. We gave the state all of the funds in question, and were fined almost the same amount. We left our Facebook page live, even though we’ve taken many harsh comments, because it gave guidance on how to reclaim money. We reached out to current and past customers who were affected, and have tried to guide them so they can collect their money from the state.

Only a fraction of the customers we served over the time period were impacted, and the amount of money was just 0.0004% of all our transactions. I say that not to trivialize our error, but to give you some perspective.

I hope that what will not be lost in all this is how hard we work every day to make sure our customers stay safe and warm. This is a complicated business, with big, unexpected fluctuations in the cost of fuel, periodic supply shortages, wild swings in weather patterns and personal challenges that arise in the lives of our customers.

We’ve repeatedly been voted the top fuel company in the area because we have approached this business with a heart, with great dedication to protecting customers, and by delivering at fair prices. None of that will change. If anything, we’ve got even more to prove.

I hope you will give us a chance to demonstrate that this was an aberration, not the norm. I know we have already learned from our mistakes. I hope you will come to see that as well.

Rick Bottini

P.S. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to call or send letters expressing understanding and support has meant the world to us, and we look forward to rewarding your faith.