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Propane water heaters are a great upgrade from old fashioned electric or oil models. For example, tankless water heaters provide virtually endless hot water on demand, and cost much less to operate. Turn the handle and get as wet and wild as you want — for as long as you want. You won’t run out. Even standard propane water heater delivers twice as much hot water as your old electric one.

For a very limited time, Bottini is offering our best deal ever on new water heaters. Your total savings depends on the fuel you currently use, and the model you choose. Call us to explore your options.

But whatever you do, call us now. The average lifespan of a water heater is only 10 years. If you wait until there’s water on your basement floor, this remarkable deal will be gone.

No Contact Installations

We can do your installation with little or no contact in your home, and follow strict CDC precautions.

Bottini installs more water heaters and HVAC equipment than just about anyone in the Hudson Valley.

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