Weatherizing – An Inexpensive Way to Save Energy and Money

Window caulking

Would you leave a window open in the middle of winter with your furnace or boiler cranking? That’s basically what you’re doing if you don’t weatherize your home.

That’s right: the average American home leaks an amount of air equal to a four-foot hole in an exterior wall through spaces around windows and doors, and through the walls in its attic and crawl spaces.

That’s why weatherization is one of the best bang-for-the-buck investments you can make in your home – especially when it’s done in combination with installing high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment.

Weatherization Checklist: Locations and measures to consider

Use this list as a reference of the many places to check for air leaks around your home (an energy audit would give you a more detailed analysis – contact us to learn more).

Exterior windows and doors



Living spaces


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