Posted: April 6, 2018

What a winter!

It’s going to be hard to forget the winter we suffered through this year. First, a cold spell gripped us right after Christmas and hung around for weeks. Then, following New Year’s Day, we got slammed by “a bomb cyclone.” More than 500 cold-weather records were set in our region, and on just one bitterly cold day we delivered a week’s worth of fuel.

The more temperatures plunged, the higher the number of calls that came in to our offices. (See “By the Numbers.”) Thanks to our dedicated staff, we had people answering the phones around the clock, and when landline service became spotty, we used email, text messaging and Facebook to communicate. Our whole staff worked long shifts, with no days off, to make sure that we got to everyone.

It’s times like these when you realize that it pays to be with Bottini. We took care of every customer who called, and we even helped a few people who couldn’t get their regular fuel dealer to respond.

When we say “we’ve got you covered,” we mean it, but we couldn’t do it without our great team, heroes all. Of course, we thank all of you for your patience.


Rick Bottini