What Is Winter Blend Fuel?

An Introduction

winter blend oil new york Simply put, there are some things you need to think about during the winter that you don’t need to think about during the other months. Snow, ice, and freezing cold temperatures bring certain challenges and considerations that homeowners need to be aware of. One of the things to think about during the cold winter months is the fuel you use in your Hudson Valley Home.

Some of the most popular fuels for residential use are heating oil, kerosene, and propane. In addition to heating oil, kerosene, and propane, Bottini Fuel also offers winter blend fuel. To better understand what that is, let’s take a look at fuel oil, heating oil, and kerosene as well.

What Is Kerosene?

Kerosene is a multipurpose fuel that is often used for lighting and cooking as well as heating. It has a higher gel point than traditional heating oil, so it’s recommended for customers with outdoor tanks in regions that have cold winters like the Hudson Valley.

Kerosene offers the following benefits.:

Bottini Fuel offers reliable deliveries of kerosene. In fact, we’re one of the few companies in the area that delivers kerosene for storage in outside tanks.

What Is Fuel Oil?

Fuel oil is most like kerosene. It has a lower energy density than heating oil. It’s also not as stable as heating oil. However, fuel oil burns more cleanly than heating oil. In addition, fuel tanks storing fuel oil don’t require as much maintenance as those containing heating oil. It’s also a good choice for homes with outdoor tanks because fuel oil won’t gel in cold temperatures.

What Is Heating Oil?

Heating oil is heavier than fuel oil and most akin to diesel fuel. It produces a bit more heat than fuel oil does, but not to a significant degree. Heating oil is more stable than fuel oil, so it’s better suited for homes with indoor fuel tanks. Heating oil can gel in cold temperatures, so it’s not recommended for homes with exterior tanks in cold climates.

What Is Winter Blend Fuel?

Bottini Fuel offers a blended heating fuel that is approximately one-half #2 fuel oil and one-half kerosene. This blend protects your fuel oil from gelling in cold weather. It is also more affordable than kerosene.

If you’re not sure if a winter blend is the right choice for your home, one of the fuel experts at Bottini Fuel can help you.

You Can Count on Bottini

Bottini Fuel is the most reliable supplier of kerosene and blended fuel in the area. We provide excellent customer service, fair pricing, and efficient delivery. We’re also a trusted resource for outdoor fuel storage solutions.

With locations serving New York’s Hudson Valley as well as parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Bottini Fuel is here for you. Contact us today to learn more.