Posted: September 30, 2019

When Home cooking Becomes Cold Takeout

local propane hudson valley

Recently, a bunch of oil and propane companies have been bought by big conglomerates with one purpose—make every dime they can before they flip them to someone else.

You have a problem with Petro? Stand in line. Their parent company has over 400,000 fuel customers and loses a whopping 16% of its customers every year. They also own Love Effron and G&S. Heard of Kosco? It’s changed owners twice in the last few years. Same with Heritagenergy. Now they’ve both been merged into an even larger entity run by a private equity group out of Manhattan. Porco Energy? They were sold to one of Canada’s largest propane companies last year. Depew also changed owners. Abbott and Mills? Well, there aren’t any more Abbotts or Mills in ownership; they were swallowed up too.

The list goes on. Each time a company gets swallowed up by some huge corporation, their operations get upended. People leave. New rigid rules emerge. Customer service is often outsourced. Flipping the acquisition can take the place of building long term relationships. Prices have to be maximized to pay for the new corporate overhead and acquisition debt.

If that doesn’t sound fun to you, stay with Bottini. My brothers and I built this business here in the Hudson Valley, and we’re not going anywhere. We guarantee our fuel prices are less than the state average. We know the towns, the people, and what it takes to get you through our harsh winters.  We’re from the Hudson Valley, and proud of it.