Why I switched to Bottini

Ray Balconis of Kingston had double trouble.

“I had two fuel providers, one for my fuel oil and one for propane,” he said. “Both were horrible with communication and deliveries were constantly delayed. Often, I couldn’t get them on the phone, or I would leave a message regarding a service I needed and weeks later it still would not be returned.”

About 18 months ago, Ray took action to end this ordeal. He started researching other heating fuel companies who he hoped would provide much better service.

“I was impressed by all of the positive reviews I read on the Bottini website and that convinced me I was worth giving them a try,” he said.

Ray describes us as a fantastic company with great customer service.

“Bottini puts those other companies to shame. They have a friendly staff that I can always reach by phone. Any messages I leave are always returned promptly, and my fuel deliveries have always been made speedily and on the day promised. I have great peace of mind since switching and I am so glad that I did.”