Why our service plans deliver

Erin Weimann, our Equipment Sales and Coordinator and Service Office Supervisor, explains the value of our service plans.

Service plans have a mixed reputation because many of the companies that sell them—consumer electronics stores, utility and home warranty companies and others are counting on customers to not actually need the work done.

With us, it’s the reverse. Heating systems are the workhorses of your home. Our typical service plan customers average 1.8 visits per year.

Some years nothing malfunctions, and then all of a sudden, your system hits a wall requiring multiple repairs. What’s more, every one of our plans includes a tune-up designed to keep your system functioning at its peak efficiency for the longest possible time.

We have different coverage levels to fit every system and budget, including air conditioning plans. If you don’t have a plan now, please read more about our plan options on our website and give us a call. It’s an investment that really pays off.