Why Propane Is Considered “Green”

The numbers add up

efficient home heating new yorkWhen it comes to how cleanly it burns, propane ranks among the best of fossil fuels. Propane also provides certain benefits to the environment that electricity doesn’t. This becomes obvious when you compare a home heated with electricity to one that uses propane for heating. The propane home will generate up to 30% less in carbon emissions. A home that uses propane for heating and also uses propane for water heating, cooking, clothes drying, and space heating will generate up to 50% fewer carbon emissions than an all-electric house.

Propane appliances offer greater efficiency than their electric counterparts. That efficiency results in a smaller carbon footprint. It’s all in the numbers. A propane water heater can produce the same amount of hot water in 1/2 the time it takes an electric water heater. Propane clothes dryers work 1/4 faster than electric dryers. And propane space heaters are noticeably more efficient than electric space heaters. All that efficiency adds up. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for your budget.

Propane offers an additional advantage. It’s easy to have peace of mind when you use propane because it’s non-toxic. In the rare event of a leak, propane won’t harm the environment.

More propane info

Here are some more facts about propane and why it’s considered green:

  1. Aside from propane, no other alternative fuel is included in the 1990 Clean Air Act or the 1992 National Energy Policy Act.
  2. Propane is the lightest and simplest hydrocarbon on the planet.
  3. When burned, propane produces virtually no greenhouse gas.
  4. Because so much of America’s propane supply is produced domestically or in Canada (roughly 90%), the carbon footprint associated with its transportation is smaller than that of fuels imported from abroad. The fact that it’s a domestic product also means its price and availability isn’t vulnerable to international variables.

Electricity isn’t perfect

Although electricity is often presented as a green option, it has its drawbacks. Most of America’s electricity is produced in coal-burning power plants. In fact, electricity is America’s second-largest source of greenhouse gases. Transportation is the largest.

Finally, when you calculate the energy consumed for extracting, processing, and transporting, propane is 87% efficient while electricity is only 32% efficient.

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